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Have you ever noticed how a flock of birds in flight will turn to the left or to the right at exactly the same moment?  Most people who have watched birds in flight agree that the birds could not have accomplished this by simply following the "lead bird".  There has to be some sort of automatic communication process taking place between the birds.  This communication system is so effective that when any one bird turns left,  right, up or down, it has faith that the other birds will also move at the same time.

The Philosophy of Exotischism embraces the idea that there is an automatic communication process taking place between human beings.  Whenever two or more people are together, subconscious spiritual messages are traveling between their souls, exchanging information, educating the other person, and influencing the other person.  This information travels between our subconscious minds in a manner similar to the way that radio, television, and cell phone signals are sent.  But instead of us broadcasting our data out to the world, it is more likely that there is a force in nature that comes into us, draws out our subconscious spiritual thoughts and feelings, and passes those thoughts and feelings around to other people.

A Spiritual Snapshot
In the early days of man's development the automatic subconscious spiritual communication system worked fine and no one felt a need to try to understand how it worked. The caveman's spiritual nature helped him keep his group together just like the birds' automatic communication processes helped them to fly in formation.

Eventually people from all parts of the world started to develop religions to help them understand the spiritual phenomenon that they intuitively knew existed. But by the nineteenth century, with the advances in science, a lot of people were already questioning those religions.  By the time the twentieth century arrived and two world wars had shattered a lot of people's faith, ideas such as existentialism began to flourish.  Existentialism encouraged people to use logic to sort out the complex problems of life rather than relying on religious ideas that were based on myth and that were no longer useful in a complex society.  

Why are we unable today to believe in spiritual forces?  For one thing we no longer have a spiritual road map that we can trust.  Many years ago religion provided people with a way to perceive of the spiritual world. Those people who lacked spiritual abilities could at least learn about spiritual forces and were able to develop spiritual faith through the church. As existentialism and scientific thought spread throughout the world it also spread to the people in the church. A lot of the leaders in the church did in fact denounce science when it questioned the creation story and they also denounced existentialist types of thought. But these very same church leaders (and their followers) were being constantly influenced by the advance of science and existentialist thought themselves through the subconscious spiritual communication process and through their contact with society. They slowly started to change in a manner that eventually made them become very similar to the existentialists.

Those of us who were born in the latter part of the 20th Century could sense spiritual activity coming into us from our parents (and from other people who we had contact with early in life). From these spiritual connections we "picked up" the same spiritual information that robbed the leaders in the church of their belief in spiritual forces many years earlier. The spirit of reason, logic, and practicality came into our souls at an early age and it robbed us of our belief in spiritual forces.

Spiritually Linking with the Dance Instructor
There are a lot of people who develop damaged spiritual structures early in life and who are not able to develop a workable system for automatically exchanging their subconscious spiritual thoughts and feelings with other people (and there are multi-million dollar industries that cater to their needs). The professionals in these industries know how to, for a short period of time, give a person with weak spiritual abilities a feeling of acceptance and a feeling of importance.

For example, a handsome dance instructor might have a female client who takes twice as many dance lessons as most of his other clients. When they are together, he is allowing her to "pick up" his subconscious spiritual thoughts and feelings. Even though she is paying for his time, the positive spiritual energy that she picks up from the dance instructor "overrides" her own damaged spiritual structure with his spiritual structure (she merges spiritually with the dance instructor [but in only a weak sort of a manner] for a short period of time).  For a few hours after each dance lesson, life will seem to her to be much easier than it usually is.  She will feel that the people she encounters are now accepting her and that they now seem to understand her point of view without her having to explain it to them (she will feel that the presence of the dance instructor in her soul is helping her to communicate more effectively with other people). She will believe that she is experiencing what most people feel all of the time (dynamic, real-time spiritual links with other people).  But in reality she is only getting a small taste of the spirituality that most people experience all of the time.

Life is a Fast Paced Game

Many years ago great advances were made in the field of psychology.  There were many books and articles published that showed how people are capable of putting complexes on other people and tying them in psychological "knots" from which they cannot escape.  At the time those findings were released (in the middle part of the twentieth century), it was widely assumed that by the year 2000, situations like the example above (where an insecure woman would feel the need to pay money to a dance instructor to receive a small amount of emotional satisfaction) would be a thing of the past.

In the game of life things happen very quickly.  When the literature came out about what sorts of things hurt other people emotionally, it didn't take long until a coworker of someone like the dance student in our example above might be faced with a situation like an upcoming layoff in her company where she felt there was a good chance that either she or her coworker would lose their job.  She might at this point start bragging about her romantic conquests in front of the coworker in order to add to that person's complexes and feelings of inadequacy.  If she was "lucky" the dance student might start making mistakes that she usually would not make (or she might get sick from one of those psychosomatic illnesses that such people are known to develop).

As the years go by and the dance student has this strategy used against her multiple times (whenever someone sees an opportunity to beat her out of something), she could very easily become so emotionally damaged that she might never recover (from not only having the complexes originally but also from having people purposely trying to make them worse).

The Spiritual Pathway
Most of us are fascinated when we hear stories about people who have had near-death experiences (where the person was dead for a short period of time and then came back to life). Many of these people have talked about being in
a tunnel. Some say they walked through the tunnel and that they saw other people there. Other people say that they rushed through the tunnel at an amazing speed.

Of course, the question we have all asked ourselves is, "what would have happened to these peoples’ souls if they wouldn’t have come back to life?" Would they have stayed in the tunnel (lived in Heaven or Hell), would they
have left the tunnel and come back to life eventually (by way of reincarnation) or would they have just roamed around for a while in the tunnel and then just faded away (when the wheel finally stopped spinning).

There are a lot of scientists who believe that extra sensory perception and telepathy are impossible. They argue that you cannot sense things or know things that are outside of your own body. But many of these scientists have been confronted with (and have been very impressed by) evidence that indicates that many people really have been able to sense things outside of their own bodies. A lot of scientists are starting to realize that energy is matter and for this reason it really may be possible for us to sense things outside of our own bodies. A mystic might really have been able to sense that a plane crash occurred in another part of the world because he (or she) was tuned into the spiritual activity of the people who were aboard the plane. In the same way, each of us might be constantly exchanging spiritual information with other people who we know by way of the same sort of spiritual pathway (or tunnel) that is used by mystics and by people who have telepathic abilities.

We may be fascinated by stories of near-death experiences not because we are hearing about a tunnel where we go when we die but rather because we are hearing about a tunnel that we use in our everyday lives. As their energy levels approach zero, the thoughts of the people who have near-death experiences may slow down enough for them to be able to see the pathway (or process) that we use to exchange spiritual information with other people (a process that usually occurs at incredible speeds that we cannot imagine).

The Spiritual Exchange
Early in life most of us start picking up the subconscious spiritual thoughts and feelings of everyone who we come in contact with. After a certain period of time we mature to the point where we are able to send our subconscious spiritual thoughts and feelings back to other people. Usually what we send back to other people is well received because it is made up of our own unique thoughts and feelings merged with the thoughts and feelings that we have been picking up from other people since shortly after we were born.  At this point our soul begins a process of exchanging subconscious spiritual thoughts and feelings with the souls of other people.   

Because of the automatic nature of the subconscious spiritual communication process, we don’t usually think very much about the spiritual activity that goes on between ourselves and other people. We might occasionally find ourselves at a religious camp or a conference where we our encouraged to "drop our shields" and experience the magic of connecting spiritually with the other people in the group.  Most of us have had these sorts of experiences but something about the fast pace of our lives makes us always go back to our ordinary lives once the special spiritual event is over.

It Comes From Up Above
There are two things that are necessary for anyone who wants to tune into a radio station. First of all, you must have a sufficiently good radio to pick up the signal and you must be within range of the radio station. Second, you have to know the radio station's frequency and you have to tune in to that frequency.

When it comes to exchanging spiritual information with other people, you are under the same basic restrictions when accessing spiritual information from your "spiritual provider" (your spiritual support group) as you are when you tune into a radio station.  In order to pick up a good signal from the Southern Baptist station, for example, you need to have a basically strong spiritual structure and that spiritual structure has to be similar to that of other Southern Baptists.  When you pray it is very unlikely that many disciples of Shamanism will "pick up" your prayer but it will probably be picked up by a lot of other Southern Baptists (who are tuned into the same spiritual frequency that you are tuned into).

When a disciple of Shamanism with a basically strong spiritual structure uses meditation to increase their energy levels, it is very unlikely that very many Southern Baptists will respond to the meditation and send the Shaman the spiritual energy that he (or she) is seeking.  But it is very likely that other Shamans (who are tuned into the same spiritual frequency) will send spiritual support (or energy) to their fellow spiritual support group member.

Navigating a Straight Course
Most of us who were born in the last half of the 20th Century were encouraged very strongly by our teachers and by our families to learn to think as carefully and as logically as possible.  We were taught to respect science and we were taught to challenge any ideas that were not backed up by cold and hard facts.  Our teachers and families were not trying to mislead us.  They wanted us to be able to successfully navigate our way through life and they sincerely believed that it was dangerous to accept any ideas that were not based on the facts. 

The same respect for the truth that was instilled in all of us as children is causing a lot of people to start questioning the physical laws that in the past have been so important to science.   But while a lot of people are impressed by the argument that energy is matter (we may be able to exchange spiritual information with other people in the same way that radio, television, and cell phone signals are sent and received), the real reason we are starting to once again believe in spiritual forces is that we realize from our experience dealing with other people (and from our strong emotions towards other people) that our spiritual links (both positive and negative) with other people have had a large influence on our lives and will continue to have a large influence on our lives in the future.  As we learn to better understand the nature of spiritual forces, we should be able to start steering a straighter and a more consistent course as we navigate our way through life. 

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